About Me

I'm Dana Harris—but I'm better known to some folks as LOTUSWARE.  To put is simply, I make stuff for a living.  Projects I'm involved with have me moving from creating art assets for a video game, streamlining a UI for a mobile app, an 80-foot mural for a rock band, to an alarm clock noise that you will come to loathe.

Form / Function

Its an important balance when in any project—how do you make sure the end product meets the needs of a client, while also trying to stand out from a sea of sameness?  You have so many great ideas it becomes a challenge to narrow down that focus and deliver a result that blows the competition away.  That's where I come in.

What I Do

The work I do can be split into three distinct pillars.

UX / UI Design

It Just Feels Right

Have you ever downloaded a great app, but it just feels clunky and confusing?  Chances are it needs a fresh coat of clarity.  The first step to fix this is by keeping the focus on client-centered design.  You want a layout an design that just makes sense when you interact with it.

Branding / Identity

What You Represent

Keep your brand in check and keep your clients coming back.  Its the reason why brand loyalty is a thing.  How your products look and feel can speak volumes.  Make sure your brand and your identity is working for you, and not against you.

Graphics / Sound

Hey, Look, Listen!

So your website has a good set of bones, but just needs to be prettied up?  What about that new hack-and-slash demo you just released with the same enemy copy-pasted?  Is your 15-second Youtube intro a little too quiet?  I can jump into any project and take it to the next level with the audio/video assets you need.